Add a widget to your dashboard


Once you’ve created a dashboard, you can add widgets to format data and gain insight into what’s happening on your platform.

Who can do this? By default, Designers.

Is this your first widget? Watch our video on how to add a widget to your dashboard.

Add a widget

  1. Go to your dashboard.

  2. If this is your first widget, click Select Data, if not click Widget.

  3. Select a data field to add to your widget.

  4. (Optional) Click Add More Data to add additional data fields.

  5. Select Add Title, and enter a title for the widget.

  6. In the left panel, select a widget type.

  7. Click Create.

Tip: If you don't know which widget type to choose, see Types of widgets.

Note: The widgets you create won't show on your live dashboard until you click Publish.

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