Create a dashboard


Dashboards can be created to visualize your platform data using various widgets and to get insights into your Challenges and Ideas.

Who can do this? Designers assigned to the Designer Licenses group.

Is this your first dashboard? Watch our videos on how to create a dashboard. and how to annotate your dashboard with text.

Create a dashboard

  1. Go to your platform home page.

  2. Select Analytics.

  3. Next to Dashboards, click the Plus and select New Dashboard.

  4. Select Data Source and choose a data source to connect to.

  5. Select Title and enter a name for your dashboard.

  6. Click Create.

When you create a dashboard, it’ll initially be empty. The next step is to add a widget to your dashboard to visualize your data.

Tip: If you want to understand all the available data points in Advanced Analytics, you can find them in the Data Glossary document.

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