Send a dashboard Excel or PDF report

If you want an Excel or PDF  file of a dashboard for your records or to share your dashboard with others off the platform, you can send a dashboard report.

Who can do this? Platform site Admins, Idea Space and Co-creation Community Admins for assigned communities, and Challenge Managers for assigned Challenges.

Send a dashboard Excel or PDF report

  1. Go to a dashboard.

  2. In the toolbar, click the analytics_three_dots_icon Three Dots next to the dashboard options.

  3. Select Send Excel or PDF report.

  4. Enter the name, email address, or group to share the dashboard with.

  5. Enter a unique name for the report.

  6. Select the format of the report to be generated.
  7. Click Send.

Tip: You can also schedule a dashboard if you want to send and receive regular analytics reports at a later date.

Note: When you export a dashboard to PDF, part of a table may be cut off to fit it on a page.

To avoid tables being cut off, you may need to resize the widget in the editor so that the total width of the table doesn't exceed the page border. You can also change the page orientation to landscape for extra page width, or export the tables to Excel to see the complete table.

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