Manage password settings

Decide the best practices for your user passwords to ensure that each user's password is strong and is changed periodically.

Who can do this? Platform site Admins.

Recommended requirements

  • A minimum password length of 8 characters.

  • A password attempt lockout threshold of at least 5, so users can accidentally mistype their password several times before their account is locked, but you still ensure that a brute force password attack will lock the account.

  • A user lockout duration of at least 15 minutes after the maximum number of failed attempts has been breached.

  • A minimum of 5 unique new passwords must be associated with a user account before an old password can be reused.

Manage password settings

  1. Go to your platform home page.

  2. Select Settings > Admin Panel > Access Management.

  3. Under Password Settings, choose your preferred password settings.

  4. Click Update Password Settings.

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