Customize your home page


A customized home page is key to driving user engagement. If it’s fun and interactive, it’ll be more appealing to your audience and can help to promote Challenges, Conversations, and Ideas.

Who can do this? Platform site Admins.

Is this your first home page? Read our in-depth guide on how to create a home page for your platform.

Open the editor

  1. Go to your platform home page.

  2. Click Settings and select Edit Home Page.

This will take you to the home page editor.

Add a content block

Customize your home page with content blocks to add or edit text, images, Challenges, Idea Spaces, Conversations, and more.

  1. Under Content Blocks, click Add New Block.

  2. Select the block you want to add.

  3. Customize the content to your liking.

Block types

  • General: A general information block that can contain a background image or color and one or more rows of text. Each text row can be displayed in a single or double-column format.
  • Media: Used to display a single image or a video. It is a single-row block, supporting various image formats (.jpeg, .jpg, .png, and .gif) and embedded players (Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud).
  • Featured Content: This lets you feature content in a single block. This block can feature Challenges, Conversations, Ideas, Idea Spaces, or Co-creation Communities.
  • Challenge: Used to feature a Challenge, including the name, description, workflow, calls to action, and up to five Ideas.
  • Conversation: Used to feature a Conversation, including the name, description, and up to the five most recent comments.
  • Idea Space: Used to feature an Idea Space, including the name, description, and unlimited Challenges and Conversations.
  • Co-creation Community: Used to feature a Co-creation Community, including the name, description, and unlimited Challenges and Conversations.
  • Gamification: If you use Gamification, you can add the Gamification leaderboard directly to your home page.
  • Analytics: This lets you display the analytics and gamification widgets on the home page.
  • Idea Recommendations: Used to display the cards of recommended Ideas.
  • Custom Cards: This lets you create a block with a series of cards around a specific theme, Idea, or any other categorization. These cards can be linked to any internal or external content. 

Tip: The recommended image size for vertical custom cards is 268x201 and 159x252 for horizontal custom cards.

Note: If you have speakers of several languages using the platform, you can translate your home page so content can be displayed in a user's preferred language.

Publish your home page

When you're ready to make your home page live, click Publish and Exit.

Tip: You can also click Preview to see how your homepage will look when live, or click Save and Exit to come back to it later.

Edit a draft

If you've saved a draft of your home page, you can come back later and edit it.

  1. Go to your platform home page.

  2. Click Manage and select Edit Home Page.

  3. Select Edit the draft.

  4. Click Continue.

You can now make changes to your draft.

Tip: You can also select Permanently delete to delete the draft and start a new one, or Exit to exit without making changes.

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