Connect Microsoft Teams to your platform

Seamlessly interact with the Discover page, Challenges, Idea Spaces, and Conversations directly in Microsoft Teams.

Who can do this? Platform site Admins.

Note: Your Customer Success Manager must enable the Microsoft Teams integration feature flag and you need to be a platform admin to configure it.

Why connect Microsoft Teams?

  • The Microsoft 365 Single Sign On (SSO) brings users into the platform without them having to sign in to a separate system.

  • Challenge Managers and Admins can promote engagement by pinning Challenges and Communities to team channels.

  • Users can add new ideas and suggestions, as well as comment, vote, or develop existing content.

  • Users can access the Wazoku platform from a Personal app to interact with the main Discover page all within Microsoft Teams.

Tip: If you would like a detailed description of the design and architecture of the Microsoft Teams integration for the Wazoku Platform, please see our System Design Document.

Connect Microsoft Teams to your platform 

You'll need to connect the Wazoku platform to your Microsoft Teams account using your Microsoft Tenant ID, so Microsoft Teams and the Wazoku platform can communicate with each other.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams.

  2. Go to a Team channel and click the Three dots to the right of the team name.
  3. Select Get link to channel.
  4. Copy the Tenant ID displayed within the link after tenantId=
  5. Open your Wazoku platform site in a browser.

  6. Go to Settings > Admin Panel > Integrations > Microsoft Teams.

  7. Click Add a new Teams tenant ID.

  8. Paste the Tenant ID you copied, and then click Save.

Note: You can add multiple Microsoft Teams tenants to a single platform, however, only one platform can be displayed at a time on Microsoft Teams. If a Tenant ID is already connected to another platform, you’ll receive an error message when trying to add it. 

Add the Wazoku app to Microsoft Teams

Once connected you can add the Wazoku app to Microsoft Teams.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams

  2. In the left-hand menu, open Apps

  3. Search for the "Wazoku" app.

  4. Select the app and then click Add

If you open the app, you should now see the Discover page, Idea Spaces, Challenges, and Ideas.

Note: Co-creation Communities are not available in the main app but can be displayed when you add the Wazoku app to a team channel.

Tip: You can pin and auto-install the app to increase the visibility for your users and customize the app to match your branding. If you use a custom app icon, it should be 192x192 and the outline icon should be 32x32.

Add the Wazoku app to a team channel

You can also add the Wazoku app to a team channel and display specific platform content.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams and a team channel. 

  2. Next to the channel tabs, click the '+' icon. 

  3. Search for the “Wazoku” app, and then click it to add it as a tab. 

  4. Select the content you want to display:

    Idea Space or Co-creation Community 

  5. Then click Save

Once saved you should now see a new tab on the team channel.

Note: The Microsoft Teams integration uses the Office 365 Single Sign-On (SSO) to automatically sign in users who access the platform tab via Teams. However, if a user is signed into Teams with a different email address than the email associated with their Wazoku platform account, a new account will be created.  

Receive notifications from the Wazoku Platform on Microsoft Teams

If you want to get notified about activities on the Wazoku platform and comment or vote on Ideas, you can sign in to our Microsoft Teams bot.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams and the "Wazoku" app.

  2. Select the Chat tab.

  3. On the welcome message, select Sign In.

  4. Next to We need to ask for additional permissions, select Continue.

  5. Read and accept the permissions request.

Once you’re signed in, you can receive notifications from the Wazoku platform.

Note: If you cancel the permissions request prompt, you need to wait around 15 minutes and then restart Microsoft Teams to receive the prompt again. You can also clear your browser cache before you try to sign in again.

Tip: You can type “Help” into the chat to display the built-in help menu for the MS Teams bot, and for the best experience, we recommend using the Microsoft Teams bot on the desktop or browser version of Microsoft Teams.

Note: If you experience other issues when trying to sign in, try to sign in via a web browser, and if you continue to run into trouble, please contact our support team at

Configure your notification for the Microsoft Teams bot

You’ll want to go ahead and configure which notifications you want to receive on the Microsoft Teams bot.

  1. Select the Chat tab.

  2. Type “Notification settings“ into the chat.

  3. Select Notifications Settings from the help menu.

  4. Configure your notification preferences.

  5. Click Save.

Comment on an Idea from the Microsoft Teams bot

  1. Select the Chat tab.

  2. Find a notification with the “Comment” option.

  3. Click Comment and type your comment.

  4. Click Submit

Tip: You can also reply to a comment by clicking Reply instead of Comment.

Vote on an Idea from the Microsoft Teams bot

  1. Select the Chat tab.

  2. Find a notification with the “Vote on Idea” option.

  3. Click Vote on Idea and select your vote.

  4. Click Submit.

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