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Microsoft Teams Integration

Our integration with Microsoft Teams allows users to highlight key content from the main Wazoku platform directly in Teams.

*Please note that this integration option is behind a feature flag, please speak to your CSM to enable it.*


Users can:

  • Add the Wazoku app in a tab and select Challenges, communities and Ideas to highlight
  • Automatically log in via Office 365 Single Sign On (SSO)

In the future, we’re looking to integrate notifications into Teams as well as embedding more focused parts of the workflow such as the evaluation of Ideas.


To use the Teams integration, the Wazoku Platform Site Admin must first connect their Microsoft Teams tenant ID with their Wazoku Platform site. This gives permission for the Teams integration to communicate with the Wazoku Platform.

Follow these instructions to find your Microsoft Teams tenant ID:

  1. Open your Microsoft Teams application
  2. Right click on an Team Channel
  3. Click on “Get link to channel” in the menu that appears
  4. In the window that appears, copy the URL that appears and paste it into a text document.
  5. Copy the part of the string that appears after “tenantId=”

You must be a Wazoku Platform Site Admin to complete the next step.

  1. Go to the settings cog > Admin Panel
  2. Go to the “Integrations” tab
  3. Go to the section titled “Microsoft Teams”
  4. Click on “Add a new Teams tenant ID”
  5. Input the tenant ID you just copied (not the entire URL, just the part that appears after “tenantId” as shown in the image above)


Multiple Microsoft Teams tenants may be connected to a single Wazoku Platform site. However, only one Wazoku Platform site can be connected to any given Microsoft Teams site. If the Site Admin tries to add a Microsoft Office tenant ID that is already connected to a different Wazoku Platform site, an error will appear in the Admin Panel.

Adding a tab in a Channel

Once the tenant ID is set up in the Admin Panel, users can start adding the content from the Wazoku Platform to tabs in Teams channels.

To add a tab:

  1. Go to the Teams channel where you want to add a tab.
  2. Click on the plus sign “+” next to your existing tabs
  3. Find the “Wazoku Platform” app by finding it in the list or searching for it in the search box. Click on the app to add it to your tab.
  4. Pick the content you want to pin in the tab. The available options include:
    1. Challenge
    2. Community (Idea Space or Co-creation Community)
    3. Idea
    4. Site Home page

Single Sign-On

The Teams integration leverages Office 365 Single Sign-On (SSO) to automatically sign users into the platform with their Office 365 email address. Typically users at an enterprise organisation will have a single email address associated with their work accounts. If the user is signed into Teams with a different email address than the email associated with their Wazoku Platform account, it will create a second account for the user.


Video introducing Teams Integration

Learn how to use the MS Teams integration to drive engagement with your Challenges as well as how to setup the MS Teams integration.