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Setting up Groups

Groups are a key admin functionality that allows you to bring users together that have similar characteristics, such as department and location to simplify a number of actions on Idea Spotlight. For organisations, managing Groups in a single, central location (such as your Active Directory) simplifies administering and controlling Group membership in Idea Spotlight.

There are three different types of Groups available, Manual, Smart and SSO which will be explained in further detail below. 

Key uses for Groups within Idea Spotlight: 

  • Share content to Groups 
  • Manage access to Idea Spaces and Co-creation communities 
  • Add Groups as Pairwise Participants 

1.0     Manual Groups 

Manual Groups are created by an Admin adding/ removing individuals to a group one at a time, users cannot be automatically added to the group. 

1.1     How to Create Manual Groups 

1) Navigate to Settings > Admin Panel > Groups > +Create Group. 

2) Add a Name for the group, e.g. Marketing. 

3) Under Group type select Manual

4) Search for the user in the search box, related users will be shown in a list, click on the names to add them to the group. 

5) Click Save once finished. 


1.2     Editing Groups 

1) From the Groups list, click Edit next to the relevant group. 

2) Use the search box to add additional users and the Remove User button to delete them. 

3) Click Save when finished. 

1.3     Deleting Groups 

1) From the Groups list, click Delete next to the relevant group, click Confirm. 


2.0     Smart Groups 

Smart Groups automatically add users to a Group based on attributes from their profile fields, for example business unit, department and location. This profile data could be pulled across through SSO from your organisations active directory or added manually by the user depending on how your platform is configured. 

2.1     How to create Smart Groups 

1) Navigate to Settings > Admin Panel > Groups > +Create Group. 

2) Add a Name for the group, e.g. Bristol Office. 

3) Under Group type select Smart. 

4) Choose if you want the group to be specific to a Co-Creation Community, if so, select it from the drop-down menu. 

5) Set your first membership rule, these will decide who is added to the group. Select the property from the drop-down, e.g. Location. 

6) Choose whether the property should be equal to or not equal to the property value. 

7) Select the property valueg. Bristol. 

8) Add any further And/ Or rules to determine who will be automatically added to your group. 

9) You will be shown the users on the left hand side who meet the criteria to be added to your group. In this case, Jack is the only user from Bristol. 

10) Click Save to create your group. 


3.0 Configuring groups with SSO: Setting an SSO group mapping

Pre-requisite - SSO must be enabled and configured for the site to use this functionality. if you are not currently using SSO but would like to set it up, please contact support@wazoku.com.

3.1 Create a new Manual Group or Edit an existing Manual Group

1) Navigate to Settings > Admin Panel > Groups > +Create Group. (If editing an existing Group this step can be skipped.)

2) Add a Name for the group, e.g. Marketing. 

3) Under Group type select Manual

When creating/editing a Manual Group, you’ll see configuration options for SSO Group ID:

4) Enter the SSO Group ID of the corresponding Group in your Active Directory

5) Press Save and you will be returned to the list of Groups

3.2 Editing an existing Group with an SSO Group ID set

When editing an existing Manual Group that has already had an SSO Group ID set, the configuration options for SSO Group ID that are locked for editing. To make changes to the SSO Group ID mapping:

1) Press the Edit () button
2) Update the SSO Group ID
3) Press Save

Note: Ensure changes to an existing SSO Group ID configuration are required and correct before Saving.