Use a custom URL domain


You can use a custom domain for your platform as an alternative to the default * Using a custom domain can make it easier for people to find and remember your platform.

Who can do this? Platform site Admins.

Set up a custom domain

  1. Inform your Innovation Consultant you wish to use a custom domain.

  2. Send an email to with your CSM cc'd to request a Certificate Signing Request (CSR):

    Please include the following information in your request:

    • Current Wazoku Domain

    • Custom Domain

    • Distinguished Name (DN)

    • Business name / Organization

    • Department Name / Organizational Unit

    • Town/City

    • Province, Region, County or State

    • Country

    • An email address

  3. Once we have the above information, we will generate a CSR for your site. You will need to use this to purchase a certificate.

  4. Purchase a certificate for the new domain.

  5. Set up a DNS record (CNAME record). For example, from to

  6. Send your certificate to so we can complete the final stage of the custom URL setup.

Tip: Ideally, the certificate will be PEM with a full chain and private key in it.

Note: We will also add a wildcard in front of the domain. This will allow you to have subdomains for Co-Creation Communities if needed in the future.

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