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Jira Integration

The Jira integration allows you to send idea content over to Atlassian's Jira, a popular project management platform, and receive status updates back in Idea Spotlight. The Jira integration works with both Jira Cloud and Jira Data Centre/Jira Server.

Admin Setup and Authentication

The integration is behind a feature flag that is turned off by default for all sites – please contact us at support@wazoku.com to turn it on.

To enable the Jira Integration, you will need to associate a Jira account with Idea Spotlight. We strongly recommend you use an automation user or account that is not associated with a specific person at your company. This way, even if they leave the company or if emails change, the integration can still be used. Cards created in Jira will show as being created by this user. The Jira account will need to have access to create cards on all of the projects and instances you want to use.

Once you have a Jira account you want to use, generate a Jira API token for the user from here:


Then, in the Admin Panel > Integrations > Project Management, input the email of the Jira user, the API token, and the URL of an initial Jira instance you would like to connect to Idea Spotlight. You can add additional instances later.

Once the Jira user has been authenticated, you will see the screen below. The integration is disabled by default but can be enabled once the settings have been set as desired. Additional instances can be added, and projects can be enabled or disabled. We refresh the projects list once an hour, so that we can capture any new projects that are added to your Jira instance after the initial setup.

Community Settings

Once Jira is turned on at a site level in the Admin panel, Co-creation Community or Idea Space managers can turn it on for their communities if desired. The option to do so is located under the “Integrations” tab on community settings.

Once enabled for a community, Challenges in that community can turn on the integration. The list of instances and projects that are available are what was enabled at a site level.

Challenge Settings

If a Challenge is in a community, the community will need to have the Jira integration turned on. If it’s not, it can be enabled at a Challenge level if it has been enabled at a site level. Challenge managers or admins can choose to turn the option on.

The option to turn it on is located on the “Integrations” tab under Challenge settings. The list of instances and projects that are available are what was enabled at a site level and a community level (if the Challenge is in a community).

Once enabled at a Challenge level, is it automatically enabled for each stage in the Challenge. However, if the Challenge manager would like to prevent moving ideas to Jira from certain stages in the Challenge, they can choose to turn it off for specific stages in their workflow.

Moving an Idea to Jira

Once the Jira integration has been configured for a Challenge, ideas can be moved to Jira by Challenge managers. Go to the “Manage” dropdown and select “Send to Jira”.

Once selected, a modal will pop up.

First, select the Project you would like to send this idea to. Once selected, the Board and Sprint fields will become available. Select the Board and then select a Sprint if desired (this is optional). Then select a card type.

Once completed, you can choose to send the following content to Jira:

  • Idea form fields
    • A mapping UI will appear, allowing you to send content from idea form fields into the Jira card form fields.
    • You can send content from multiple idea form fields into the same Jira field – the text will be concatenated.
  • Comments
    • These will populate as comments on the Jira card.
  • Attachments
    • At the moment, all attachments are supported apart from videos and attachments within comments.

An initial update will be added to the “Status Updates” tab when the idea is sent to Jira. In addition, you can choose to send status updates back from Jira on the progression of the Jira card through the Jira workflow. These updates will populate on the “Status Updates” tab of the idea. Status updates are updated once an hour from Jira.

Once an idea is moved to “Done” in Jira, the status updates will no longer populate.

At the bottom of the modal is an option to save these settings when moving ideas from this stage of the Challenge to the same project and card type in the future. This simplifies the workflow if you’re continually sending idea content from certain Challenges over to Jira.


Moving Multiple Ideas to Jira

If multiple ideas are in the same stage, they can be moved to Jira simultaneously. Select the ideas and click on the dropdown to “Send to Jira”. The same modal will appear prompting the user to select where they would like to send the idea to.

Default Values for Required Fields

Jira cards can be set up to have required fields for specific projects and boards. If there is a required

Below is the list of default values that we’ll populate the field on your Jira card with if your card is set up to have one or more required fields.

Field Type

Default Value

Affects versions

First item from your list of versions


First item from your list of components



Due date

One week from the date of creation

Epic Name


Fix versions

First item from your list of versions


First item from your list of impacts

Issue Type

selected by user




First item from your list of priorities


The account used to authenticate the Jira integration in Idea Spotlight

Story Points




Test checkboxes

First item from your list of options

[CHART] Date of First Response

Empty string

[CHART] Time in Status

Empty string