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Comment Channels

Understanding and using comment channels.

How to configure and use private or open comment channels within your challenge.

Types of comment channels

  • Idea Team: a private channel for team members to discuss the idea. No other users including Challenge Managers and Admins will have access to this channel.
  • Managers: a private channel for the Challenge Managers and Admins 
  • Managers + Idea Team: a private channel for Challenge Managers/Admins plus the Team Members 

Creating a private comment channel

Team Members and Challenge Managers can create custom channels on their Ideas and invite other users to those channels. Other users cannot create private comment channels. 

  1. Navigate to your Idea 
  2. Select Private Comment Channels 
  3. Select Create Channel 
  4. Type a name for the new channel 
  5. Type in the names of the people that you want in the new channel and press enter

  6. Select Confirm
  7. Your new channel will appear on the left hand side 

Collaborating in a comment channel

  1. Select the channel that you wish to collaborate in on the left hand side 
  2. Type in the comment box, you can @mention users to notify them 
  3. Select the paper clip if you want to attach attachments to your comment.  
  4. Select Submit

  5. To reply to a comment that has already been submitted, select the reply arrow  
  6. To like a comment select the like symbol.  
  7. To delete your comment select the rubbish bin.