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User Roles and Permissions

Find out more about User Roles and Permissions in the platform

User Roles 

Site Admin
Super users with full access across the platform including full visibility of any private Challenges.  


Managers can create Challenges and Conversations, manage the content they create (if they are made the content manager) and assign other users to manage the created content. However, they do not have the same permission for content they did not create and they do not have full visibility of all platform content. Although a  Manager can create content, they cannot delete that content, only Site Admins can do this.  Managers have permission to create content in the main site, but do not have the permission to create content within an Idea Space or Co-creation Community.  

Full Contributor 
The standard user role when users join the platform. Contributors can add ideas, comment, vote and share content with others. Full Contributors can view all public content in the main site, Idea Spaces and Co-creation Communities, but will not be able to view content in private Idea Spaces or Co-creation Communities unless invited to those communities. 

Limited Contributor 
Same permissions as a Full Contributor, but do not have access to the main site. Generally Limited Contributors have access to Co-creation Communities to enable organisations to engage with their external networks. 




Challenge Manager 
This is a permission granted to a user (by a Site Admin or Manager) to manage a particular challenge. They have rights to manage all aspects of that Challenge but cannot create a new Challenge. A Challenge Manager can access the Report Builder to run reports for their Challenges. 


Conversation Manager 
This is a permission granted to a user (by a Site Admin or Manager) to manage a particular Conversation. They have rights to manage all aspects of that Conversation but cannot create a new Conversation.  


Idea Space Admin 

This is a permission granted by a Site Admin to a user to be responsible for managing an Idea Space. Idea Space Admins can manage all aspects of an Idea Space including:  

  • Creating Challenges and Conversations;  
  • Editing the Idea Space home page;  
  • Managing Idea Space Members 
  • Running reports for Challenges in the Idea Space 

They may also be granted optional permission to: 

  • Create child Idea Spaces and assign Idea Space Admins and Managers for the child Idea Spaces  
  • Add and edit categories for their Idea Spaces;  
  • Add and edit forms for their Idea Spaces. 


Idea Space Manager 
Idea Space Managers are granted permission to be responsible for managing the content in an Idea Space, and have the same permissions to add and manage Challenges and Conversations that Managers have in the main site.  


Co-creation Community Admin 
This is a permission granted by a Site Admin to a user to be responsible for managing a Co-creation Community. Co-creation Community Admins can manage all aspects of a Co-creation Community including:  

  • Creating Challenges and Conversations;  
  • Editing the Co-creation Community home page;  
  • Managing Co-creation Community Members 
  • Running reports for Challenges in the Co-creation Community 

They may also be granted optional permission to: 

  • Create child Idea Spaces and assign Co-creation Community Admins and Managers for the child Idea Spaces  
  • Add and edit categories for their Co-creation Communities;  
  • Add and edit forms for their Co-creation Communities. 


Co-creation Community Manager 
Co-creation Community Managers are granted permission to be responsible for managing the content in a Co-creation Community, and have the same permissions to add and manage Challenges and Conversations that Managers have in the main site.  


A user can be given permission to moderate a comments in a Conversation  or Challenge or Ideas in a Challenge. This permission is assigned when creating or editing  a Challenge or Conversation. 

A Moderator can: 

  • Permanently remove the content 
  • Edit the content to remove any inappropriate or confidential content. 
  • Approve the existing content without making any edits to the content. 


Evaluator and Lead Evaluator 
A user can be assigned as an Evaluator or Lead Evaluator for one or more stages in a Challenge. When one mor more ideas are progressed to the assigned evaluation stage, Evaluators are assigned evaluation tasks when ideas move to the assigned evaluation stage and cansubmit the evaluation criteria for those ideas. 

A Lead Evaluator has additional permission to submit a final decision to progress/not progress the idea(s). 

If the optional Ad Hoc Evaluation functionality is turned on, the Lead Evaluator also has permission to add/remove evaluators from particular ideas. For example, if an idea requires specific expertise, a user may be added as an Ad Hoc Evaluator for that idea only. 

Team Lead
A Team Lead has permissions add and remove Team Members from an idea.