Create bespoke Idea reports

Learn how to set the scope of reports, selecting fields, choosing recipients, and scheduling frequency.

Accessing the Report Centre

  • Navigate to the Settings cog
  • Select Reports

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Filters and Reports

Filters help you define the scope of the data you would like to include in a report - you can select specific Challenges and choose whether to include data with certain characteristics (eg from set Stages, with certain Categories or key words) depending on your needs.

Building the report allows you to select the individual data points you would like to include.

Create a New Idea Report

  1. Select Create New Report
  2. Select Idea Data
  3. Decide on the type of data you'd like as the basis of your report
  4. Select your filter - you can leave this as global to include all data, select an existing filter or create a new filter (see below). This will define the scope of data included in your report.
  5. Select the data points you want to include and drag and drop them to choose the order of your columns. Use the Select All, Deselect All and search to find the fields you want. More details of all available data points can be found here.
  6. Name your report
  7. Add a description for your report
  8. Add the users you'd like to receive the report
  9. Decide whether you want to schedule the report
  10. Choose whether to Save For Later or Save and Run Now
  11. Your report will now appear in your list of reports. You will see the date it is next due to run.

Note: User and Moderation reports currently reside separately and are less configurable.

Edit Your Report

  1. Go to the Report Centre
  2. Find the Report you'd like to edit
  3. Click the pencil icon
  4. Use the buttons and modal indicators to find the steps you want to update
  5. Once done click on the final stage and make sure you Save for Later or Save and Run Now.

Deleting A Report

  1. Go to the Report Centre
  2. Find the Report you'd like to edit
  3. Click the trash can

Create a New Filter

  1. Go to the Report Centre
  2. Either select Filters then Create New Filter or Create New Filter when building your report.
  3. The filters use the Boolean operators AND and OR.

    AND is used when you want all data to meet all criteria you have selected (eg Must be from Challenge X with category Y - will only return data that meets this criteria). This will return a narrower set of results.

    OR is used when you want data to meet any of the criteria you have selected (eg Can be from Challenge X or have category Y or both). This tends to return a broader set of results.

    You can also combine AND and OR when some criteria must be met but you want to include other data with any number of the characteristics you have selected.

  4. Choose the scope of your report (narrow down to the Challenges, Challenges with certain Active Stages, Challenges with certain Categories or Communities you'd like the data about).
  5. Choose the Data to include (Ideas with certain categories or keywords, Ideas with certain activities on a specific date, Ideas in specific stages or Ideas with specific statuses).
  6. Add a name for your filter
  7. Add a description for your filter
  8. Save Filter Configuration