Create a widget filter


You can easily create various filters to filter out selected data on a widget.

Create a widget filter

  1. Go to your dashboard.

  2. Click the Pencil in the top-right corner of a widget.

  3. Click the Filters tab and then Plus next to Widget Filters.

  4. Select the field you want to filter.

  5. Select a filter type.

  6. Select the data you want to include or exclude.

  7. Click the Star Favourite to name and save the filter.

  8. Click OK and Apply to apply the filter.

The filter will be displayed in the right panel and visible to all users when you next publish your dashboard.

Tip: You can rearrange the filters in the Filters panel by dragging a filter above or below another filter. This does not affect the way the data is filtered, only the presentation of the data.

Note: When creating a widget filter for a field that is already filtered in a dashboard filter, the widget filter will override the dashboard filter.

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