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Rejecting Ideas

How to reject ideas outside of Evaluation

This article explains how to reject ideas that are not being sent to evaluation. You can reject ideas this way if you do not have an Evaluation Stage on your Challenge or when an Evaluation stage is not in progress.

  1. Navigate to your Challenge, then Idea tab 
  2. Select Manage  
  3. Choose Reject

    4. Then choose a Reason
    5. Provide feedback to the Creator and Team Members

  4. Check the Publish message on Status Update tab to have it visible in the status updates
  5. Select Confirm 

Unrejecting an idea

If at a later date you wish to change the Reject decision and "Unreject" your idea you can do so by following the steps above and choosing "Unreject" from the dropdown list. You will not be prompted to add a reason why the idea is being unrejected. When you select Unreject the idea status will return to the previous status in the idea history. 

You are also able to select multiple ideas with a Rejected status that meet the criteria from the Challenge Discover page and manage them there.