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Granting tokens to ideas

Learn how to grant tokens to ideas if they are in use on a Challenge.

Configured per Challenge and only assigned to active Ideas, tokens can be granted to all users, groups or individuals at different stages in the Challenge. Users may also be allowed to remove and reallocate tokens or have tokens returned if Ideas are not progressed. Visibility of tokens and details of grantors is also configurable.

Granting tokens

If tokens are available to grant a pop up will appear when you access the Challenge.


  1. Click Let's get started!
  2. This will take users to the stage where they can grant tokens with a list of Ideas.
  3. Users can grant tokens in three ways:
    • On the Idea card
    • On the Idea Preview
    • On the Full View of the Idea
  4. Click on the token icon or Grant and a modal will appear
  5. Enter the number of tokens you'd like to award to the Idea and click Grant

  6. You will see your tokens pot and as you grant tokens the number will update so you can track your allocation.

The View History link displays the full history of tokens.

Removing granted tokens

  1. Click on the token icon or the Grant button
  2. Update the total to reflect the new allocation
  3. Click Grant
  4. The tokens allocated to that Idea and the token pot will be updated