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Creating content in other languages

Create Challenges and forms in other languages

Translating a New Challenge 

  1. Navigate to Admin Cog and select Add Challenge or go to the settings for an existing Challenge in the Challenge menu by selecting Edit Challenge
  2. Select a default language and then add the content for your Challenge as usual in the General, Workflow and Social tabs
  3. To create different versions for different languages select the language from the drop down menu in the top right hand corner of the page
  4. The contents of the Challenge will disappear for you to add content in the new language selected. If you select a language you have previously completed the content will be displayed.

  5. Repeat for all required languages.
  6. Once you have completed all your translations, Submit Challenge

 Translating content on a form

  1. Navigate to the form builder from the settings cog
  2. Start a new form or select edit on an existing form
  3. On the right hand panel select all the languages you want to have for your form
  4. Complete the form for the language selected in the top right hand drop down menu
  5. To update the form in new languages select that form from the drop down menu and update the form fields
  6. Save your form