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Submitting an Evaluation decision

How to submit an evaluation decision as an Evaluator

There are two types of evaluator that you can assign to an Evaluation stage: 
  • Lead Evaluator – Evaluates idea against the predefined evaluation criteria and determines the final decision on whether the Idea should progress or not progress to the next stage. 
  • Evaluator – Evaluates idea against the predefined evaluation criteria, does not make the final decision. 

Evaluating an idea as a Lead Evaluator  

  1. Navigate to the idea you want to evaluate via task notifications, daily email summary, or the Challenge 
  2. Open idea and select the Evaluation tab 
  3. Complete the evaluation criteria and submit   
  4. Add comments if necessary 
  5. As a leader evaluator you make the final decision on if an idea progresses, rejects or is put on hold
  6. To make the final decision navigate to the evaluation tab inside the idea and select decision 

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  7. Select the appropriate action from the dropdown 
  8. Add feedback with your decision in the box provided below the dropdown 
  9. Select the checkbox if you wish to publish message on status update tab 
  10. Submit decision