Clone A Challenge

It's our mission to make our user experience as effortless as possible. Our new Clone Challenge functionality significantly reduces the time it takes to create a new Challenge by enabling you to clone an existing one.

When Admins or Managers clone an existing Challenge, the full Challenge configuration is cloned for the General, Workflow and Social settings; you can then make any required changes before publishing the new Challenge.


How to Clone a Challenge

1)  If you are adding the Challenge outside an Idea Space or Co-creation Community, select Admin Menu > Add Challenge; if you are adding the Challenge in an Idea Space or Co-creation Community, go to Manage > Add Challenge.

2) On the Add Challenge modal, search for the Challenge you wish to clone, either by scrolling through the cards or using the search and filter options available. You will be shown all Challenges you have permission to see, including Challenges inside Idea Spaces and Co-creation Communities.

3) Click Clone Challenge to open the Challenge Builder populated with the settings for the selected Challenge.

4) Make any required changes to the Challenge set-up.

5) Click Submit Challenge.

6) Alternatively, click Create a blank Challenge to start with an empty Challenge.

Please note:

  • All translations for the cloned Challenge are also copied for the new Challenge.
  • If you clone a Challenge from an Idea Space or Co-creation Community into a different Idea Space or Co-creation Community, Challenge Managers, Moderators and Evaluators who are not members of the current Community will not be copied to the new Challenge unless you have Admin permissions to add users to the Idea Space or Co-creation Community.
  • Outcome settings are not copied when cloning a Challenge. 


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