Limit Idea Submission by Groups

In an effort to give even more flexibility to Challenge Managers, we have introduced a new feature that lets limit who can submit ideas in your Challenge. For example, you may want to run a Challenge that allows Senior Leaders to submit weekly blog posts of interest to the organisation. 

If you would like this feature enabled for your platform, please contact

Idea Submission Limited to the Marketing Group 


 How To Limit Idea Submission

1) Create your Groups. Please note groups can only be created by Admin users via Admin Menu > Admin Panel > Groups. 

2) If you want to use this function in an existing Challenge, navigate to the Challenge page > Manage > Edit Challenge. To create a new Challenge navigate to Admin Menu > Add Challenge.

3) Navigate to the Workflow tab and scroll to Manage Permissions.

4) As default, Everyone will be selected, this means that everyone with access to the Challenge will be able to add Ideas. To limit Submit Ideas to Groups, click the cross next to Everyone to remove this option.

5) Use the search box to find the Group(s) you want to allow to add Ideas to your Challenge. You can see below that the Marketing group has been added; only members of this Group will be able to add an Idea to your Challenge. 

6) We recommend adding the reason why you are limiting who can add Ideas to your Challenge in the Description (General tab) so that your audience doesn't get confused. 

7) Finish building your Challenge and then click Update or Submit.


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