Product Release

Here’s what’s new this quarter:

Building and Leveraging Corporate Memory: Wazoku’s Recommendation Engine

We have fully redesigned the Recommendation Engine based on proprietary machine learning and AI algorithms to surface relevant Ideas to users, based on what a they view and input. Automatically surfacing content ensures contributors find unexpected Ideas and can collaborate and review multiple similar Ideas, which can them be combined to create a unified solution. Evaluators gain more perspectives by topic and subject and Administrators can see popular trends that may impact the business. The Recommendation Engine promotes transparency, engagement and visibility with automatic and relevant recommendations.

New to the Evaluation Toolkit - Tokens

As Ideas progress through the innovation process, organisations look to crowdsource time, budget or other representations of commitment or support for an Idea. Tokens can either be another form of evaluation or as a means to gather the necessary commitment from the business to deliver Ideas. 

The new tokens can represent time, money, sponsorship, votes – the sky’s the limit! Used as an evaluation tool, Challenge Managers can assign them to everyone or specific groups, such as budget holders or senior leadership, to identify preferred Ideas. A great addition to any evaluation toolkit.

New ‘On Hold’ Status for Ideas

When Ideas are ahead of their time, Challenge Managers and Lead Evaluators can temporarily put them “on hold” with a reason for that decision, as opposed to letting them rot or be prematurely rejected. To ensure these gems don’t get lost or forgotten, contributors can continue to refine Ideas and Challenge Managers and Lead Evaluators are prompted to reconsider the status at a predefined time.

Comment and Vote Within the Evaluation Stage

Provide more flexibility in the Challenge workflow and allow contributors to continue commenting and voting whilst the Idea is in the evaluation process. This enables further crowd discussion that Evaluators can consider when determining whether Ideas should progress.

Custom Co-creation Community Home Page

Custom home pages allow Co-creation Community Administrators to tailor the content shown to each community. Show the best widgets and content blocks to engage everyone, including anonymous contributors, and entice more conversation, Ideas and overall interaction.

Terms & Conditions Now Support Multiple Language Platforms

Having launched our proprietary localisation functionality earlier this year, we’ve now added support for Swedish, German and French Canadian. Alongside our new languages, we’ve enhanced the T&Cs so that any site or individual Open Innovation Co-creation Community with a geographically diverse user base, will be able to provide the Term and Conditions, as well as community content, in all required languages.

New Homepage Widgets: User Map, Activity Stream, Keyword Cloud and Leaderboard

Where do your great Ideas come from? Does one site or location drive more than other? Our users can now add more data visualisations to the homepage: whether adding a map of user locations, a leaderboard, activity stream or a keyword cloud – engage all Contributors in Challenges, Conversations and Ideas, right from the home page.

Increased Detail for Comment Moderators

Working with many regulated companies, we understand the importance of reporting – we therefore work with these clients to build relevant enhancements. This quarter we focused on comment moderation. When comments are flagged on Ideas and conversations, Moderators now have advanced data capture and reporting, enabling further insight into why something was flagged and how it was resolved, for streamlined auditing. One way to make life a little bit easier for those customers needing audit reports!

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