Pairwise Evaluation Enhancements

To help Challenge Managers gain greater insight into the results of Pairwise Evaluation, we are adding the following functionality:

  1. Filter results by Profile attributes - view results by attributes, such as Country, Department or Job Function, to analyse whether the results are significantly different for different user groups voted. When selecting by attributes, the platform automatically recalculates the participation levels and confidence of the filtered list to give you insight into the accuracy of the filtered results. 
  2. Pairwise Export - download the Pairwise Evaluation raw data to further analyse the results.

 Please note: The above features are only available on new Pairwise Challenges, not existing Challenges and visible only to Site/Community Admins and Challenge/Community Managers. 


Filtering Pairwise Results by Profile Attributes

Please note: You must have attributes already set-up in your profile pages to be able to use this feature. Please contact to set up your attributes if required or for further information. 

1) Navigate to the Challenge Page > Pairwise tab and click View results by to reveal the profile field attribute, e.g. Where are you from?

2) Click on the attribute name, e.g. Where are you from?, to reveal the list of available fields.

3) Select the fields you want to filter the Pairwise data by. 

4) Click Update to see the filtered Pairwise results. 

Filtering Pairwise Results by Location


Pairwise Export 

The new Pairwise Export can be found on the Challenge page > Pairwise Tab on the right hand side of the page above the results list, as shown below. Click the button to trigger the export to your email. 

New Pairwise Data Export

Rank Tab

The first tab in the Pairwise Export gives you the ranked results along with the points associated to each idea based on how your participants voted in each comparison. 

Ranked Results: Pairwise Export 

Votes Tab

The second tab shows you exactly how your participants voted for each comparison in the Pairwise. The Idea IDs are listed on the X and Y axis with the comparison results between each Idea at the intersection.


The result when Idea 00041 was compared against 00042 was 4, 0, 2. This means the following:

- 4 participants voted for idea 00041 as their preference

- 0 participants voted for no preference

- 2 participants voted for idea 00042 as their preference

This logic applies for all results in the table. 

Voting Data: Pairwise Export

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  • Avatar
    Mark Ricketts

    Hi Leo, Can you tell me how to create a pairwise test in Wazoku - or give me an idea where and when the option exists for me to create one?

  • Avatar
    Leo McWilliams

    Hi Mark. Please check out this article on how to configure Pairwise in your challenge.

  • Avatar
    Mark Ricketts

    Thanks Leo

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