New Co-creation Community Home Page

Your communities, whether customers, suppliers, distributors or partners, will have new ideas and perspectives that can be harnessed to drive better results – Co-creation Communities brings your communities to you. In an effort to make Co-creation Communities as customisable as possible, we are introducing Content Blocks for the Home Page, just like on your main site. 

The following Content Blocks can now be added to your Co-Creation Community Home Page:

  • General
  • Media
  • Featured
  • Challenge
  • Conversation
  • Analytics
  • Custom Cards

Example of New Co-creation Community Homepage

Designing Your New Page

Co-Creation Community Admins can design their new home page by following the below steps:

1) Navigate to the Co-creation Community home page

2) Highlight the Settings menu and select Design New Home Page

3) Build your new home page by adding blocks, choosing your required content and creating  backgrounds. For guidance, see our article on Designing Your Home Page.

4) If you wish to save your design and finish at a later point, click Save and Exit. Once you are finished click Publish and Exit and your new design will be applied to the Community Home Page.

Please note: Once you Publish your new design, you will no longer be able to see the old Home Page. 

 Edit Home Page Menu



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  • Avatar
    Mark Ricketts

    Excellent Leo - Any Idea of when?

  • Avatar
    Leo McWilliams

    Hi Mark. It will be available from tomorrow.

  • Avatar
    Mark Ricketts

    That's brilliant Leo - Congratulations to everyone at Wazoku - I will give it a very serious 'whirl' over the weekend.

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