Setting Up Pairwise

Pairwise is a voting system available within phased challenges that asks your chosen audience to compare ideas side by side and vote for their favourite. This evaluation method engages the crowd through a simple voting process whilst ensuring that every idea gets equal visibility. It is a great way to include a broader set of participants in the evaluation process and is perfect for comparing logos or mission statements for example. 

Please note: Pairwise is a feature that must be enabled on your Idea Spotlight before you can use it in a challenge. Please contact to get Pairwise enabled.

Adding a Pairwise Stage to your Challenge

Please note: Pairwise can only be used in a Phased Challenges.


New ChallengeSettings > Add Challenge and complete required fields on the General tab. Navigate to the Workflow tab and select Phased Challenge. Configure your Gather, Completed and any other required stages.

Existing ChallengeNavigate to Challenge Page > Manage > Edit. Navigate to the Workflow tab.

2. Press the green plus symbol and click Pairwise. Click Configure to reveal the settings tabs. 

3. Configure your Stage Settings.

4Navigate to the Participants tab and use the search box to select who can participate in the Pairwise. You can choose between individuals, groups or everyone.

5. If required, set a custom message that is automatically sent to your chosen participants when the Pairwise stage opens.  

6. If required, set a time limit (days) for participants to cast their vote. Once this time passes, participants will have an overdue task that will be visible to the Challenge Manager. 

7. Navigate to the Progression Settings tab. If you wish to progress ideas manually, move to the next step. 

If you wish to progress your ideas automatically, click on the radio button and complete the associated settings. Please note, if there are tied results, none of these ideas will progress and a manual decision is required. 

8. Submit/Update your Challenge

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