Moderating Reported Comments

Idea Spotlight is a great place to share and build on ideas, and we want to make sure it stays this way. To ensure the conversation stays on point and adheres to your terms and conditions, you can now add Comment Moderation to a Challenge or Conversation. This feature allows your audience to report inappropriate comments to assigned moderators who must decide whether to remove or keep the comment. 


  • Admins and Managers can moderate comments, even if they are not named as moderators for a Challenge or Conversation.
  • If a comment has already been reported and accepted by a moderator, it cannot be reported again unless it has been edited since the initial review.
  • A comment remains reported until a moderator makes a decision, even if the comment is edited pending moderation.
  • Moderators can hide a comment directly, without having to report it first.

How To Moderate Comments (Moderators)

When a comment is reported, it generates tasks for all the moderators assigned to the Challenge or Conversation. The task displays on the task page as shown in Figure 1 as well as in the Daily Summary.

Figure 1: Task to Moderate Comment

1) Click on the link in your Task page or Daily Summary to navigate to the comment.

2) You will see the comment that has been reported as it will be flagged in red. Click on the gear icon to display Figure 3. 

Figure 2: Comment Requiring Moderation

3) The pop-up will display who reported the comment, the reason and any additional information. Based on this, use the Decision drop-down to choose whether to approve the comment or hide it on the platform. Click Confirm to finalise your decision.

Figure 3: Moderating a Comment

4) The author of the comment will receive an in-app notification with the decision. 


Now you know how to Moderate Comments, read how to Report Comments and Configure Comment Moderation. 

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