Configuring Comment Moderation

Idea Spotlight is a great place to share and build on ideas, and we want to make sure it stays this way. To ensure the conversation stays on point and adheres to your terms and conditions, you can now add Comment Moderation to a Challenge or Conversation. This feature allows your audience to report inappropriate comments to assigned moderators who must decide whether to remove or keep the comment. 


  • Admins and Managers can moderate comments, even if they are not named as moderators for a Challenge or Conversation.

Configuring Comment Moderation

1) When creating or editing a Challenge, the comment moderation options are available on the Social tab. For Conversations, the options are displayed at the bottom of the create/ edit page.

Figure 1: Comment Moderation Settings

2) Click the Yes radio button under Do you want to enable comment moderation? to reveal the options that need to be configured. 

3) Search for your moderators by groups or individuals, by typing names or email addresses to select users.

4) Choose your moderation type that defines the behaviour when a comment is flagged. The options are:

  • Immediately hide the comment until it has been moderated
  • Continue to display the comment unless a moderator hides it


Now you know how to Configure Comment Moderation, read how to Report and Moderate Comments.


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