Configuring Recommendations

Wazoku's new Recommendations engine uses AI and machine learning to provide you with similar ideas that you might find interesting from across Idea Spotlight. Vote, comment, engage and collaborate on ideas at a site, Community and Challenge level through a simple side-by-side interface.

If you wish to use Recommendations on your Idea Spotlight, please contact to have the feature enabled before configuring the settings below as they will not be visible. 

Recommendations in Idea Preview

Configuring Recommendations

You can configure Recommendations settings at a Site, Community and Challenge level:

Site - navigate to Admin Panel > Configuration > Recommendations.

Idea Spaces/ Co-Creation Communities - For a new Community, navigate to Settings > Add Idea Space/ Co-creation Community, the Recommendations settings are at the bottom of the page. For existing Communities, navigate to the Community page > Manage > Edit, the Recommendations settings are at the bottom of the page.

Challenges - For a new Challenge, navigate to Settings > Add Challenge > Social tab. For existing Challenges, navigate to the Challenge page > Edit > Social tab.

Recommendations Settings

There are 3 settings that you need to set, please see below for further detail:

Idea Recommendation Similarity Threshold - set between 0 and 100, the threshold is the minimum similarity required, for ideas to be recommended. The higher the value, the less results you should expect. We recommend 25-30.

Maximum number of Idea Recommendations - the maximum number of recommendations that are shown for any idea. These recommendations must have similarity above the threshold you set, therefore you will not always see the maximum number of results.

Include Archived? - Decide whether you want archived ideas to be included in recommendations.


Recommendations Settings

Read our Introducing Recommendations article to see how you view recommended ideas.

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