How To Grant Tokens to Ideas

The newest tool in the Evaluation Toolkit is Tokens, which allow a Challenge Manager to assign Tokens to everyone, selected groups or individuals. Tokens can represent time, money, sponsorship, votes - the Challenge Manager decides.

Tokens are not associated with a specific stage; the Challenge Manager decides during which stages users can assign their Tokens to active ideas - you cannot assign Tokens to ideas that have been Moved, Rejected, Approved or Completed.

Below you will find a ste-by-step guide on how to grant your Tokens to your favourite Ideas . 

How to grant your Tokens

1) When you have been granted Tokens for a Challenge, the first time you access the Challenge with Tokens activated, you will be informed of the number of Token you have been allocated, and what those Tokens represent (i.e. hours, days, money, etc), and prompted to begin granting Tokens. In Figure 1, for example, the Contributor has been allocated 10 hours to grant to Ideas. 

Figure 1: Allocated Tokens Modal

2) If you are ready to assign Tokens to Ideas, click Let's get started! to navigate to the Challenge Ideas tab to view the Ideas that are accepting Tokens. 

3) In the top right corner of the Challenge page you will also see a your Tokens Pot (Figure 2); as you grant your Tokens, your Pot will reflect your remaining tokens. The View History links displays the full history of the Tokens you have granted to all Ideas (Figure 3). 

Figure 2: Your Pot

Figure 3: Token History

4) You can grant Tokens to an idea in three ways: (a) on the Ideas tab, (b) on the Idea Preview or (c) on the Idea page. The video below demonstrates how to grant Tokens on each of these pages. 


Video: Grant Tokens


  • For some Challenges, you will be permitted to withdraw your Tokens from Ideas by clicking the Grant button and reducing the allocation. You can then reallocate your Tokens as you wish.
  • If enabled by the Challenge Manager, Tokens will be returned to you if the idea is not progressed. You will be permitted to re-allocate the returned Tokens to o
  • If turned on for the Challenge, you can view the number of Tokens allocated to the idea along with the history of who has allocated them on the idea preview or full page (figure 4). 

Figure 4: Allocated Tokens

Admins and Challenge Managers, read more to learn how to set-up Tokens for your Challenge.





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