Improved Daily Summary

To drive engagement, we’ve enhanced the Daily Summary, giving a clear recap of what happened in the platform the previous day. It is more responsive, mobile friendly and customisable so you can decide exactly which content blocks are most relevant to your audience. 

What content blocks can be included:

  • Custom Message - admins can create their tailored message directly from the Admin Panel (optional)
  • Stats - new Ideas, Comments, Shares and Views (default)
  • Tasks - the recipient's pending tasks (default)
  • Notifications - up to 10 unread Notifications (default)


Key features of the Daily Summary:

By default, Stats, Tasks and Notifications are enabled. To enable the Custom Message or disable any of the default features, please contact Users will only receive the Daily Summary if they have unread platform notifications from the previous day or pending tasks. 

- Custom message (optional): If enabled, the custom message is set by the System Admin in the Admin Panel. With the new language functionality, administrators can translate the custom message into multiple languages. 

- Stats (default): New Ideas, Comments, Shares and Views from the previous day are displayed in four blocks. Clicking on the number opens the Discover page, filtered to show the relevant content.

- Tasks (default): Your open tasks will be listed  with hyperlinks directing you to the specific action  you need to complete; overdue tasks are listed first. Tasks  include: pending evaluations, pairwise voting, developing ideas, team requests, Idea Space requests and moderating comments. A View All Tasks button will take you to your task page for a complete list of pending tasks.

- Notifications (default): Displays up to 10 of your unread notifications with hyperlinks to the content. If you have disabled in app notifications, you will only see the notifications here that are related to the content in your Daily Summary.

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