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Weekly Digest

We know that keeping your audiences engaged and driving them back to the platform is necessary to achieve your desired objectives. To drive engagement on a Monday morning, we've enhanced the Weekly Digest content and improved the search links to make it easier to find the content relevant to you. We've also added configuration options so you control the included content.

Weekly Digest

Please read our articles on the Improved Weekly Digest and Customising your Weekly Digest for further information.   


We are always looking for new tools to help you evaluate ideas and select the right ones for your business and challenges. The newest tool in the Evaluation Toolkit is Tokens, which allow a Challenge Manager to assign tokens to everyone, or select groups or individuals, that can represent time, money, sponsorship, votes - the sky's the limit.

Some examples of Token driven Challenges include:

Kickstarter Challenges

The Challenge Manager can assign Tokens to represent Money, and then require Creators to drive enough support to progress their Idea to the next stage. Just like Kickstarter, Creators can have defined periods to get the minimum resource required in order to progress to the next stage.


If you are running a Hackathon,  the Tokens can represent Time (Hours or Days) and Creators can be tasked with getting commitments to build their Idea within the specified period.

Senior Sponsorship

Encourage your Senior Leadership to publicly endorse Ideas and commit to getting them implemented, by using Sponsorship Tokens for limited individuals.

To learn more about how Tokens can support your objectives email [email protected] or contact your Customer Success Manager.



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