Improved Weekly Digest

To drive engagement, we’ve enhanced the Weekly Digest, giving a clear recap of what happened in the platform over the last seven days. They’re more responsive, mobile-friendly and customisable so you can decide exactly which content blocks are most relevant to your audience. 

What content blocks can be included:

  • Custom Message - admins can create their tailored message directly from the Admin Panel (optional)
  • Statistics - new Ideas, Challenges and Conversations (optional)
  • Content List - new ideas created (default)
  • Most active ideas – highlight the ideas with the most votes or comments (optional)
  • Weekly activity – a summary of metrics from your Challenges, Co-creation Communities or Idea Spaces (optional) 

Key features of the Weekly Digest:

As default, the only change you will see is the ordering of the Content List. For the optional features described below, please contact to set them up.

User Thumbnail: Displays your profile picture in the top right corner with the number of unread notifications. Clicking on the picture will redirect you to the notifications page.

- Custom message (optional): If enabled, the custom message is set by your administrator in the Admin Panel. With the new language functionality, administrators can translate the custom message into multiple languages. 

- Stats Block (optional): The number of new Ideas, Challenges and Conversations from the last week are displayed in three blocks. By clicking on any number you will be redirected to the Discover page, filtered to show the relevant content.


- Content List (optional): Displays all new ideas created in in the past week, sorted by challenge and Idea Space/ Co-creation Community if applicable, with hyperlinks to take you directly to the content. Following Ideas, new Challenges and Conversations are also listed. A See What's New button will redirect you to the Discover page filtered with the new content.

Alternatively, you can turn on a summary using Weekly Activity blocks, as described below.


- Completed Ideas (default): Provides a list of Ideas that have been marked as Completed in any Challenge over the past week, including hyperlinks to the idea within the platform. A View Completed Ideas button will redirect you to the Discover page filtered with the completed Ideas.

- Most Active Ideas (optional): Shows the three most active ideas of the week based on comments and votes. A See Most Active Ideas button will redirect you to the Discover page filtered with the most active Ideas.

- Weekly Activity (optional): Displays Challenges, Conversations, Idea Spaces and Co-creation Communities with related stats. For example, a Challenge will display the number of Ideas and comments submitted in the last week. Whilst an Idea Space will show the number of Ideas, Challenges and Conversations submitted. A See All Updates button will redirect you to the Discover page showing the related content.


Please see our gallery of different Weekly Digest configurations. 


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