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We are making it easier to run a truly global platform and encourage users, regardless of their preferred language, to participate, by allowing Admins to translate site content.

If the content is translated, when a user accesses the content, they will be presented with the content in their selected language. If the content has not be translated to their language, they will be presented with the content in the default language.

Through the Admin Panel you can translate the following content:

  • Categories
  • Statuses
  • Custom Messages


Translating Categories

1) Navigate to  Admin Menu > Admin Panel > Categories.

2) Create your categories using the +Add category button. If you want to translate existing categories then please move to Step 3.

3) Once you have created your categories, use the Language button next to the +Add Category button to select a different language e.g. Spanish.  Note: When you select another language, the categories won't change.

4) To translate a category, click on the pencil icon next to the category name to open the text box as shown below.

5) Translate the category into your selected language, e.g. 'Sales' would be replaced with 'Ventas', and click the save icon.

6) To confirm the translation has been applied correctly, change the language back to your default language and the category content will be displayed in the default language.


Translating Statues

1) Navigate to Admin Menu > Admin Panel > Configuration

2)  Edit the default statuses as required in your default site language.

3) To translate the statuses for another language, select the language from the Language button, e.g. Spanish. When you select a new language, the statuses names are translated for the predefined statuses (i.e. Concepto for Concept) because they are system generated content.

4) To translate the status, enter the correct status name.

5) When you have completed your translations, click Save.

6) To review your translations, select the different languages from the Language button.


Translating Custom Messages

1) Navigate to Admin Menu > Admin Panel > Messages.

2) Select the message you wish to translate from the list.

3) Enter your message in the text box.

4) Click on the Language button in the upper right corner (see below) and select the language e.g Spanish.

5) Enter your custom message in the selected language, e.g. Spanish.

6) When you have entered the necessary translations, click Save.

7) Repeat step 2-6 for each message  you want to translate.


Note: Other Idea Spotlight content can be translated including: Home Page, Forms, Idea Spaces or Co-Creation Communities, Conversations and Challenges.

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