Enhanced Admin Language Options

We are making it easier to run a truly global platform and encourage users, regardless of their preferred language, to participate in their native language, by allowing Admins to provide translations of the site content.

If the content is translated, when a user accesses the content, they will be presented with the content in their selected language. If the content has not be translated for their language, they will be presented with the content in the default language.

An Admin or Content Manager can enter translations of the following content:


  • Title
  • Description
  • Stage Names
  • Evaluation Criteria


  • Title
  • Description

Idea Space/Co-creation Community

  • Title
  • Description

Home Page

  • Description content


  • Idea
  • Profile forms

Admin Panel

  • Categories
  • Statuses
  • Custom Messages


Note: For detailed guides on how to use the new language functionality, please see the following articles: Home Page, Forms, Idea Spaces or Co-Creation Communities, ConversationsChallenges, Admin Panel.




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