Smart Groups for Idea Spaces and Co-Creation Community Blocks

With Smart Group options on Idea Space and Co-Creation Community blocks, you can now personalise the home page for groups so that the most important information for their members is at the top. With the new visibility option, each group can have their own custom home page.


Step by Step

1.   Create a new Smart Group if required (Admin only)

2.   Settings > Edit Home Page > Add New Block > Idea Space or Co-Creation Community

3.   From the block menu, select an Idea Space from the List or search using the box provided

4.   Your selected Idea Space will now show in the block menu

5.   To add a Smart Group to the block, select the Visibility tab in the top left corner

6.   Search for the required Smart Group and click the + button to add it to the block

7.   Finish customising your block as required

8.   Before publishing your block you can use the Preview and Preview As function in the Edit Home Page menu to check what each smart group will see

9.   Publish your changes to update the home page

Please note: Once you add a group to the block, the block will only be visible on the home page of members of the selected group. Users not in the group will be able to access the Idea Space/ Co-Creation Community via the Discover page. 



Step 5:                                                              Step 6:



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