Pending Challenge Countdown Clock

Pending Challenge Countdown Clock

Sometimes it is helpful to create anticipation about a future Challenge to start building critical mass even before you begin gathering Ideas. With the new Pending Challenge Countdown Clock, you can set up a home page block that counts down the time until the Challenge opens. Then, once the Challenge opens, the block automatically switches to the active Challenge view.



Step by Step Guide

1.   Create a Pending Challenge and publish it (with a start date in the future)

2.   Settings > Edit Home Page > Add New Block > Challenge

3.   In the block editing menu at the bottom, you will see a list of up to 20 challenges available to select. If your new pending challenge is there, select it, if not then use the search box at the top. 

(Make sure that you have ticked the box Include Pending Challenges otherwise your challenge will not be found when searching)

 4.   Once you select your pending challenge then the countdown clock will now be visible within the block and show at the top of the block menu. 

5.   Once the countdown ends, the challenge will automatically switch to open mode

6.   In preparation for the challenge starting, you can use the the Switch to Open Mode button to edit the block content to how it will look when the countdown ends



Step 3:                                                                      Step 4:







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