How to Create Custom Cards

Custom Cards

With Custom Cards, you can create a home page block with a series of cards around a specific theme, idea or any other categorisation. For example, create a block to celebrate success with key innovators and/or ideas.

Step by Step Guide

1.   Settings > Edit Home Page > Add New Block

2.   Scroll down to the bottom and click on Custom Cards

3.   From this menu you can change the General and Appearance settings using the new tabs in the top left corner

4.   To add a new custom card, click on + Add Card to open the editing window. Custom cards must be built from scratch to enable you to fully customise the block

5.   Add a Title, Description and Link to the internal or external content

6.   Select Link Type (Internal = Content within your Idea Space, External = Web content outside of the platform. 

7.   Choose your card's Background Image and Background Colour

8.   Click Add Card

9.   New Custom Cards will be shown at the bottom of the Block Editing Menu and will be added to the board automatically. You can add up to 10 Custom Cards into a Block.

10.   You can edit, delete or change the order of the Custom Cards at the bottom of the Block Editing Menu.



 Step 4:                                                                   Step 5 > 8:



Step 9:


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