New Home Page Widgets: Custom Cards, Pending Challenge Countdown and Smart Groups for Idea Spaces

In an effort to support evermore personalisation to the home page, we have added some additional Home Page widgets including:

  • Custom Cards that allow you to create blocks for cards that can link to both internal and external content.
  • Pending Challenge countdown clock to create a sense of anticipation for upcoming Challenges.
  • Smart Group configuration options for Idea Space to allow custom blocks for specific groups of users.


Custom Cards

With Custom Cards, you can create a block with a series of cards around a specific theme, idea or any other categorisation. For example, create a block to celebrate success with key innovators and/or ideas.

Read our step by step guide to create Custom Cards



Custom Cards: Celebrate Success with links to internal content



Custom Cards: Theme block with links to internal and external content


Pending Challenge Countdown Clock

Sometimes it is helpful to create anticipation about a future Challenge to start building critical mass even before you begin gathering Ideas. With the new Pending Challenge countdown clock, you can set up a home page block that counts down the time until the Challenge opens. Then, once the Challenge opens, the block automatically switches to the active Challenge settings.

Read the step by step guide to activate a Countdown Clock



Challenge Block: Countdown Clock



Challenge Block: Active Challenge


Idea Space & Co-Creation Community Blocks: Smart Group Configuration

With Smart Group options on Idea Space blocks and Co-Creation Communities, you can now personalise the home page by groups so that the most important information for each group is at the top of the home page. With the new configuration option, group can have their own custom page.

Read the step by step guide to using Smart Groups with blocks. 


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