Improved Terms & Conditions Interface

With increased concerns about Privacy and Data Protection, we are introducing enhancements to how Terms & Conditions are presented to end users and the ability to easily reset the Terms & Conditions if they change over time. 

End User Experience

To make it a more intuitive experience for end users, the Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) will now be presented in an overlay, separate from the Profile, and the end user must affirmatively Agree with the T&Cs rather than 'updating' their profile. 


New Terms & Conditions Interface

When accessing the site for the first time, either when creating an account with a username/password or accessing the site for the first time through Single Sign On, the end user will be presented with the T&Cs in an overlay. In order to accept the T&Cs, the end user must scroll to the bottom of the content to enable the Agree button.

If an end user does not wish to accept the T&Cs, they will be redirected to a page of your selection and denied access to the platform.


We are making it easier to run a truly global platform and encourage users, regardless of their preferred language, to participate in their native language, by translating site content, this now includes Terms & Conditions.

Your Terms & Conditions can be translated into languages including German, French, Spanish, Polish, Swedish and Armenian. When users enter the platform and are required to accept Terms & Conditions, they will have the option to use a drop-down at the top of the pop-up to select the language. 

Please contact to enable this feature.

Terms & Conditions Set up

To set up the new T&Cs for your site, our Customer Experience team will need the following information.

  • Content for the T&Cs overlay. Please note, the overlay supports a Rich Text interface, but does not support tables.
  • URL to redirect users that decline to accept the T&Cs. If you do not provide a URL, they will be redirected to the login page.

Co-creation Communities

Please note, we can support separate T&Cs for each Co-creation Community. Therefore, when providing the requested information, please indicate whether it applies to the main site and/or one or more Co-creation Communities. 

Reset Terms & Conditions

You have the option to force all existing users to accept the T&Cs, which we recommend if the terms you provide change any of the existing terms and/or you have not previously asked users to accept your T&Cs. 

To transition to the new T&Cs interface, please submit a support ticket at or use the Contact Us button within the Help widget on the platform, and a Customer Experience representative will be in touch to coordinate the process.



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