Idea Preview Enhancements

In an effort to provide the best experience for all users, whether Admin, Creator, Contributor or Lurker, we are introducing enhancements to our Idea Preview functionality to give individuals more choice about how they consume content.

Select Preview or Full View from the Idea Card

Some people like to view Ideas in preview mode so they can get a glimpse of the idea before committing; other individuals prefer to jump straight into full mode. With the new Idea Card icons, everyone gets to chose.


Idea Card Buttons


previewicon.png  open the Idea in preview mode                fullveiw.png  open the Idea in full view


Improved Preview Mode


Enhanced Idea Preview

In addition to giving everyone a choice to open Ideas in preview or full mode, we also improved the preview experience.

UI enhancements:

  • Centred the Preview on the page for better visibility on larger monitors
  • Increased the size of the links to navigate between the preview / full modes and between Ideas

Additional options on the Preview mode including:

  • Share and Follow the Idea
  • Option to Join a team view the full team list
  • View the Idea history

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