Configure Default User Role in Idea Spaces

Idea Space Admins now have the option of setting the default User Role for users that are added to the platform through an Idea Space. Idea Space Admins  will be able to select:

  • Limited Contributor (default) - user can only access the Idea Space and not other content within the platform.
  • Full Contributor - user can access all content, except private content, within the platform.


  • For all existing Idea Spaces, the default user role remains Limited Contributor unless the Idea Space Admin or Manager changes the setting.
  • If you have a site with Open or By Domain access, users can be added to the Idea Space if someone shares content within the Idea Space and will have the select default role. Therefore, if you want to limit who may be given Full Contributor permissions, you should leave the setting to Limited Contributors.

Set Default User Role

To change the default user role:

  1. In the Manage Idea Space menu, select Edit Idea Space.
  2. On the Edit Idea Space page, select the role type from the Invite Options drop down.
  3. Click Save.


Edit Idea Space



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