Improved Add Idea Flow

To streamline the Add Idea workflow and encourage Creators to engage with and contribute to other ideas, we have made the following changes to the Add Idea workflow:

Remove Preview Step

To make adding ideas more streamlined, we have removed the Preview step that required a Creator to view a preview of the idea before publishing it. The Creator now has two options:

  1. Save as Draft - save the current version of the idea as a draft
  2. Publish - publish the idea


Add Idea Page

Redirect to Challenge page

To encourage Creators to contribute to other ideas, once the idea is published the Creator will be directed to the Challenge page, to view and interact with other ideas, rather than their newly added page. The Creator will still see that there idea has been added (it will be the first idea in the list), but will also be able to view the other ideas in the Challenge.

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