Setting up Evaluation

  • Evaluating by Challenge, by Category, or without criteria

For each evaluation stage, ideas can be evaluated against a specific set of criteria. You can configure the criteria to apply to all the ideas by selecting ‘by challenge’, to the ideas in a specific category (by category’); alternatively if you do not want to set any criteria, you can select ‘no criteria.

Update: From August 2018 new functionality has been introduced to provide more flexibility on the Challenge workflow by allowing contributors to continue commenting and voting while the Idea is in the evaluation process.

Please note: you will only see the option to evaluate ideas based on categories if categories have been assigned to the Challenge.



  • Criteria format



For each evaluation stage, you can pick the type of the criteria. We provide 3 options: a rating scale (score ranging from 1 to 5), text fields or checkboxes.

Selecting a rating scale will allow you to set automatic progression of ideas by specifying a minimum average score.

Please note that you currently can’t mix different types of criteria in the same stage.

  • Adding and customising the criteria


Once you have configured the format for the criteria, you can add the specific criteria by clicking ‘Add criteria’, edit the criterion’s name and attributes (eg. Maximum length or weight).

If you have elected to evaluate ideas ‘by category’, you will have to add criteria for each category.

  • Appointing evaluators by challenge or by category

You can configure how tasks are routed to evaluators ‘by challenge’, meaning all evaluation tasks are assigned to the same group of evaluators, or ‘by category’ meaning ideas are routed to different groups depending on the idea category.

Please note that by category is only applicable if you categories have been assigned to the Challenge.

  • Selecting evaluators

Using the search field, look up users in Idea Spotlight that you would like to appoint to evaluate ideas. You can select multiple evaluators and multiple Lead Evaluators.

Please note that if you chose to appoint evaluators ‘by category’, you have to select evaluators for each category, including a Lead Evaluator per category.

  • Notification message for evaluators

When an idea is progressed, the appointed evaluators receive a new task prompting them to evaluate the idea. Alongside this task, you can write a message for each evaluation stage.

Keep it concise and to the point: explain why they have been selected to evaluate the ideas and what action you want them to take.


  • Editing ideas during the evaluation stage


 You can define whether idea creators can edit their ideas while they are being evaluated which allows idea creators and teams to update their ideas continuously based on the feedback they received. By default, this option is set to No.

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