Stage Types

• Gather
Collect ideas
Collect ideas from your community. Choose which custom form(s) have to be filled when creating an idea. People can vote, comment, and share ideas.

• Discuss
Get your crowd’s feedback through votes and comments
Get the conversation started. People give feedback on ideas by voting, commenting and sharing ideas.

• Evaluate
Assess and select ideas
This stage allows a defined group of Evaluators assess the ideas against specific criteria. Evaluators can also privately comment on the idea. Lead Evaluators can then decide whether the ideas are progressed or not.

• Develop
Build on promising ideas
Build upon the initial idea, consolidate teams or articulate a more in-depth business case. You can attach additional idea forms. People can still vote, comment or share ideas.

• Completed
Close your Challenge
This is the end stage of your Challenge. All approved ideas are in this stage.

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