Idea Spotlight for SharePoint

What are the available App Parts in Idea Spotlight for SharePoint?

  • Challenges for Idea Spotlight: Embed your Challenge-led innovation within any SharePoint page to make innovation accessible to everyone
  • Ideas for Idea Spotlight: Celebrate Ideas and successes by embedding winning Ideas in any SharePoint page.
  • Add Idea for Idea Spotlight: Gathering innovative Ideas is easier with embeddable Idea capture forms.


What are the minimum requirements?

  • Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Firefox or Chrome
  • SharePoint 2013 or later


How to install Idea Spotlight for SharePoint to your SharePoint?

The site administrator can install the Idea Spotlight for SharePoint app published by Wazoku in the SharePoint store.


How to activate the SharePoint integration in Idea Spotlight?

  1. As SysAdmin, go to the Admin Panel > Integrations > SharePoint
  2. In the domain field, enter the domain of your SharePoint instance
  3. Click on Submit


How to display the App parts in a SharePoint page?

  1. On a SharePoint page, click on Edit in the top right corner.
  2. In the menu, go to Insert and select App Part
  3. In the list of available App Parts, select Add Idea for Idea Spotlight, Challenges for Idea Spotlight or Ideas for Idea Spotlight.
  4. Click on Add to add the item to the page.
  5. Save your changes.


How to select the content to display in the Parts?

  1. On a SharePoint page, click on Edit in the top right corner.
  2. On the top right corner of the Part, click arrow to open the dropdown menu and click on Edit Web Part.
  3. For Challenges for Idea Spotlight or Add Idea for Idea Spotlight parts, enter the Challenge ID; for Ideas for Idea Spotlight, enter the Idea ID.
  4. Apply the changes and Save your edits.



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