How do I register for Idea Spotlight?

Access management to Idea Spotlight is controlled by the System Administrator. Depending on the Idea Spotlight configuration end users can register in the following ways:

  • Invited by email
    • End users invited by email must click on the link contained within the email to register. The link will take the end user to the registration page where new users can enter a password and fill out required profile fields.
  • Limited by domain
    • Access to Idea Spotlight can be limited to only those with a specified email domain. In '' for example - 'mycompany' is the email domain.
    • A new user with the approved email address domain can simply enter the email address and a password at the login page. 
    • Profile information can then be entered in to the form fields that are present.
    • On submission an email will then be sent to the new user to confirm ownership of this email address. 
    • Clicking the activation link will activate the account.
  •  Single Sign On (SSO)
    • SSO type log in is available on Idea Spotlight.
    • New users whose Microsoft login credentials exist in the Active Directory can navigate and gain entry automatically to their Idea Spotlight (provided the user logs in from within their company's intranet)
    • New users will be presented with the option of entering profile information. 
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    Bruce Williamson

    A colleague of mine is being prompted for a user name and password when accessing the DLG Idea Lab. On entering their RACF ID and regular domain paswword (for everyday network access) they are not able to log in. Are you able to advise? They are a fairly recent starter (within two months) which may be part of the difficulty.

    Thanks, Bruce

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    Fiona Scott-Mcivor
    Edited by Fiona Scott-Mcivor
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    Fiona Scott-Mcivor

    I have followed my email to The Innovation Station Weekly Digest, which states my name. It asked me to set a password, which I did, and when it logged me in it came up with the name of somebody who left the company back in December.
    Can you please let me know how to resolve this as I have put an idea onto the Idea Spotlight.

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