What is the difference between Limited and Full Contributors?

Wazoku defines a contributor to be an end user with permission to add / edit Ideas and vote / comment on Ideas submitted by others. 

  • Full Contributor - the default role type for new users; have access to all content on the site. A full contributor can:
    • add / edit Ideas,
    • be added as a team member to an Idea,
    • vote / comment on other user's Ideas,
    • view / join public and by request communities.
  • Limited Contributor - have the same permissions as full contributors but only within communities they have been explicitly asked to join. 
    • Primarily used to invite external networks to one or more communities. Allows external users to be involved in specific communities/challenges without having access to the full site.
    • If a user is invited to Idea Spotlight through a community, they will be assigned the Limited Contributor role and only have access to that community; the role permissions can can changed on Admin Panel > Users.
    • Limited Contributor registration allows organisations to enable users outside their domain to register as a Limited Contributor for a specified community, you must have a Closed Domain (specific domains are whitelisted) to turn on this functionality in Admin Panel > Configuration > Limited Contributors.





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    Spike Robinson

    I have been set up a couple of weeks ago, I'm a new joiner at DLG. I don't have the ability to comment or rate ideas or add new ideas. I get a 403 Unauthorized error. Please fix this.

    Also we are blocking your help pages with our Bluecoat web content classification software. Please raise this with the DLG product owner at our end so they can request reclassification of all help pages.

    offending page

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