What is the difference between Idea Statuses?

As Ideas progress through a Challenge, the Idea Status is updated to reflect the Idea’s current Status in the workflow. The possible Status types include:

* Concept

A new idea in Gather stage before any social action – voting or commenting - has occurred.

* Consultation

Idea is in Gather or Discuss stage. The idea has been voted or commented on at least once.

* In Evaluation

Idea is being evaluated.

Please note that in a phased challenge, an idea keeps this status until the stage closes, even if the evaluation has been completed and the Lead Evaluator has submitted the final decision.

Update: As of August 2018 new functionality has been introduced to provide more flexibility on the Challenge workflow by allowing contributors to continue commenting and voting whilst the Idea is in the evaluation process.

* In Development

Idea is in a Develop stage. An idea will also display as ‘In Development’ if it is in a Discuss stage following an Evaluate stage.

* Approved

Idea has been successfully progressed to the Complete stage.

* Rejected

Idea has not been selected in an Evaluation stage, or rejected outside Evaluation. No additional action can be performed on the idea.

* Completed

Once an idea has been approved, it can be marked as Completed. It allows you to track that an idea has not only been selected, but also tested or implemented.

* Moved

Idea has been moved to another Challenge. In the original Challenge, the idea shows as 'Moved' and no additional action can be performed.

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