Which Review Stage Notifications should I receive?

Notifications are sent out to Users to inform of updates to Idea status, as well as tasks to be completed. 

  • Idea Creator
    • Your Idea Passed to Review
      • An email notification will be sent to the Idea creator if their Idea has moved to the review stage.
      • One email will be sent for each Idea.
    • Your Idea Has Been Selected
      • The creator of an Idea that has been selected and progressed to the next stage following the Review Stage will be notified by email straight away.
  • Review Panel
    • Review Process has begun
      • Each user on the Challenge review panel will receive an email notification when the first Idea of a particular Challenge is progressed to the Review Stage. This is to notify the panel member that the Idea is awaiting their review. 
    • The review process has now ended.  
      • When reviewing Ideas by category, once the lead reviewer has decided whether or not to progress all Ideas in this category an email notification will be sent out to the review panel stating that the review process has now ended. 
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