How do I submit an Idea?

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Ideas in Idea Spotlight are always associated with a Challenge.

  • To Submit an Idea
    1. Navigate to the Discover Page

(Here you will find all the Challenges on the platform)

  1. To submit your Idea you can either click “Add your Idea” or click into the Challenge by clicking on the title

(If you click into the Challenge, you can submit your Idea by clicking the “Add your Idea” underneath the title of the Challenge)

  1. Fill out required information

4. Click Preview and Publish

5. Click Publish

All Ideas submitted as well as draft Ideas are listed in your Profile.


To view your Ideas

  1. Hover over Profile icon in the top right

2. From drop down menu click 

  • My Ideas
  • My Drafts


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  • Avatar
    Matthew Cook

    How do I "navigate to challenge"?? Wouldn't it be easier if one of the "got an idea, click here" icons took you to the screen where you can fill in the details of your idea?

  • Avatar
    Matthew Butts

    I am having trouble trying to submit an idea.

    I have followed the instructions on the step by step and I still can't click on the "submit your idea" text?

  • Avatar
    Daisy Stones

    I have filled out all of the fields for my idea yet the publish button is black and won't let me submit?

  • Avatar
    john scott

    I can not find the Submit my idea button.. I keep looking but don't see it / Why is it not in Red on the page ??

  • Avatar
    Debbie Watkins

    like those above I cannot find where to submit my idea ! very frustrating

  • Avatar
    chris keen

    I have filled everything out but it will not publish or save to my drafts. any suggestions to fix the errors so that I may continue to submit my idea?.

  • Avatar
    Steve Price

    I have tried three times to submit my idea using the mobile version for Waitrose and the submit and save as draft options do not work.

  • Avatar
    Steve Brown

    I am unable to comment or submit an idea. Can anyone tell me what is going wrong? I have tried 3 different browsers and still no luck.


    Update(1/3/17):  I have discovered that if you click on the 'Join Idea Space' button then it allows you to comment.  I hope this helps people!

    Edited by Steve Brown
  • Avatar
    Dan Taylor

    I am unable to submit an idea. The Waitrose 'add an idea' seems to work, but the John Lewis one doesn't? Is this because you can only add idea's to your side of the business? If so, then can this be changed please

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