Phased and Parallel - the difference between Challenge types

Idea Spotlight supports 2 Challenge workflow types:

  • Phased Challenges
    • Challenge stages occur sequentially and all Ideas move through the workflow as a group. This type of Challenge is relevant when Ideas will be evaluated against each other and only a small number (ie. 1-5) will be implemented.
    • Because Ideas move through the workflow as a group, stages can have defined end dates to auto-open/close of the stages. For example, the Open stage (Idea Capture) can be open for 2 weeks, followed by a Review Stage for 2 weeks, etc.
    • When the defined end date is reached, the current stage auto-closes and the next stage auto-opens.
  • Parallel Challenges
    • All Challenge stages are open simultaneously and each Idea moves through the workflow independently. This type of challenge is relevant when Ideas are evaluated on their own merits, rather than in relation to the other submitted ideas.
    • Because all stages are open simultaneously, stages do not auto-open/close.
    • Exception: the first Open stage can be closed independently of the remaining stages (to stop the addition of new ideas while the submitted ideas complete the workflow).


For more information on the different Stage types within a Challenge please see:
What are the differences between Challenge Stages?

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